Monday 14 May 2018

A Little Update

Balke on Blue
D300, 16-85VR

Well, it's mid-May now and a little while since I last posted. What's been going on? Well, some shooting, I'm over 3200 shots for the year, and 2750 of them are on the D800. That's more shooting in 2.5 months on the D800 than I did in any of the last 3 years. I'm on track to shooting the typical 10,000 frames of digital that was my average before I started struggling with motivation back in 2013.

I'm rapidly coming to realize I generally prefer the D800 over the D300's for pretty much all shooting. The better frame coverage for AF and more optimized UI tend to outweigh the extra FPS and better viewfinder (in DX mode) of the D300. I still do like the D300's though and intend to keep shooting them alongside the D800, but I can definitely see the possibility of replacing them in the future, likely with a smaller, lighter body (D7x00 most likely).

The above shot hit Explore yesterday, which is why I've featured it. It's a pretty classic view of this building against a strong blue sky in late winter. A pretty clear example of just how good the D300/16-85VR combo can be.