Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Just a Little Update

Autumn Picnic
D700, 35/1.8G DX

I've been shooting slowly but steadily over the last couple weeks. Nothing wrong, just the late fall weather limits the available subject matter and other commitments have been keeping me busy.

The D200's been semi-shelved for now. Nothing wrong with it, but most of my day-to-day shooting is before and after work and with sunset before 5pm here the D200's limited high ISO capability makes it a poor choice. The D3200 and D700 both do much better when the sun goes down, so they've taken over. Generally the D3200 stays in the bag, but I've been carrying the D700 on and off as it is simply such a good handling camera with gloves on.

One issue I've had with most mirrorless bodies is the small size and fiddly buttons & dials make for a camera that does not play well with gloves. The Fuji's are mostly an exception, as are the Panasonic GH cameras (and the new Samsung NX1 should also fall into that category) but the majority simply don't do well here. The D700 is excellent, and oddly I found the D600 better with gloves on than with gloves off. Most largish DSLR's are good with gloves on. I've not had the D3200 out with gloves on yet, but that's only a matter of time with the unusually cold November Toronto's been having.

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