Thursday 16 April 2015

A Few Notes of No Particular Relevance

The Lockup
Nikon FM, 50/1.2 AI-S, Fujifilm Neopan 100SS

Really shouldn't have sold that lens. Right call at the time, but 6 months later I'd rather have the lens than the body I got for it (which I sold off to put together the down payment for my new car).

Yes Virginia, Rodinal Does Expire. I recently fell victim to what I'd thought was fixer expiry, supported by the fact that the remainder of my fixer concentrate was completely separated into some liquid and a lot of white goo. Turns out my bottle of Rodinal was shuffling off its mortal coil. Note it may have a shelf life measured in decades when sealed, but unsealed it looks more like 5 years. Still pretty damned good. Losses were two rolls of HP5+, completely ruined and 3 rolls of Neopan 100SS, just very thin. Thankfully I'd used stand development for the Neopan, which saved those rolls.

I need a better scanning solution. After years using dedicated 35mm scanners, a flatbed, even with ANR inserts, just does not stack up. Scans are barely acceptable for web use, totally not up to printing. Not going to do anything yet, we'll see how much use the F3 gets in the next couple of months and make the call then. I'm not going to spend the price of a good dedicated scanner unless I'll get some real use out of it. I did well with the Minolta's (both of which lasted 650+ rolls, closer to 1k for the SDIV) but I'd be hesitant to buy another due to age and the alternate option, a used Coolscan IV, V, 4000 or 5000ED ranges from expensive (IV/V) to ridiculous (5000 ED) although I do drool over the full-roll fitting which would massively reduce scanning annoyance.

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