Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Ode to the EM

Red Sky At Night
Nikon EM, Sigma Super-Wide II 24mm f2.8,Ektachrome 100EC

 If the Nikon FM2n is my all-time favourite camera, the EM is my favourite cheap SLR (yes, even more so than the Cosina SLR's which I love).

Simple, small & cheap. Not too complex. Slap a lens on and shoot. That's the EM. I've owned 4-5 of them over the years, including my first SLR, bought in 1993 with a 50/1.8E, Vivitar 283 and a Tamron 70-210 f4-5.6. Shot a lot with that before I got rid of it after acquiring an F801s (another camera I've owned a bunch of copies of). The only camera I've ever had stolen was an EM (with a 100/2.8 Series E)

The EM will always have an opening in my bag, especially if paired with a 35/2.5 or 50/1.8 Series E. It's too cheap and too fun not to. It's simply the camera I chose as a car/desk camera to always have around.

If you shoot Nikon MF, grab one. You'll only be out $25 or so (my average purchase price, current one was free as a rear lens cap). Throw some cheap film through it and have fun.

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