Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Shooting Kits

Street Racing 
 D300, Sigma 10-20 f4-5.6

The way things are right now I've basically got 2 shooting kits, plus the option of going single lens only.

1. D800 kit - 28/3.5, 50/1.8D (on loan to me), 55/3.5 Micro, 85/1.4

This is my go-to photowalk kit. I tend to walk around with either the 50 or 85 mounted, then swap on the 28 or 55 if needed. Depending on what I'm doing, the 10-20, 35 and/or 70-300 could get added.

2. D300 kit - 10-20, 35/1.8, 70-300

This is my car/beater/always available kit. Tends to end up being the 10-20 on one D300 with the 35 or 70-300 on the other one (getting changed up). The 55 may get added, and the 85 can sometimes replace the 70-300 there. The 4 lens version with the 55 really does cover all my needs for typical shooting (UWA, Tele, fast normal, macro/short tele).

3. One-lens kits. - D300+35/1.8, D800+any prime - for when I want light and or as discreet as these big bodies can come. My beater D300 + the 35 is the high risk kit, as I'm out little if something happens to it. I've paired the D800 with all 4 lenses currently in its bag successfully for single-lens shooting, although the 55 is probably the best all-round single-lens option.

I could also see in some cases going 2 lens. For the D300, 10-20 + 55 could work, and the D800 could readily go with 28+55 with the other in my pocket. This does make me want an AF 24/2.8 though, which could work as the wider lens in a viable 2 lens pocket kit for both D300 and D800, and they're dirt cheap these days.

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