Saturday, 8 September 2018

Where I'm At - September 2018

King at Dusk
D300, 35/1.8DX

So I've not posted much on where my shooting has gone over the summer. That's mostly because the combination of work, RC Soaring and hot & sticky weather kept things quiet on the shooting front.

That said, since the end of May I've taken just shy of 1500 shots on the A7II and another 400 or so on the D300. That brings me up to about 5000 shots for the year, a very healthy amount.

I'm changing some of my personal behaviours to improve my shooting opportunities as we head into fall, so I'm hoping to end up at 7-8000 images for the year.

As to gear, while I'm very interested in the new Nikon Z cameras, I don't see any major changes happening. I'd like to add a 105 or 135mm, a fast 35, an ultra-wide of some sort and maybe a normal zoom of some sort for the A7II. All but the zoom are likely to be F mount. The priority here is the mid tele and the UWA, those are actually things I'm really missing when out shooting.

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