Saturday, 9 February 2019

The Cursed Camera

Snow Cone 
Nikon D7100, 16-85VR

I've owned two D7100's. Collectively they've spent less than 3 weeks in my bag. Neither time was I ever actually unsatisfied with the camera itself, there simply were other external reasons for returning it.

The first time was due to an unexpected sale allowing me to get a new Open Box D600 at an insanely low price. I returned the D7100 and got the D600, which I later sold due to the combination of problematic handling (it actually caused me cramping issues in my arm) and some problems with the camera (it was behaving oddly in the cold). I really should have kept the D7100 that time (it does not have the grip design that caused me pain on the D600).

The second time, I'd traded a lens last week for the D7100, and after a week realized that what I really needed was a smaller light carry camera, not the larger sized D7100. So back it went today and I came home with the much smaller X-T1 and my third XC 16-50 OIS (I'd previously owned the lens with both X-A1's I'd had).

As to the D7100, it really is an excellent camera as long as you do not need a particularly deep buffer, and don't try and rescue shadows 5-6 stops down. It's responsive, the UI is excellent and the IQ excellent even by current standards. I definitely recommend it for somebody looking for a lower-cost but high performing DX/APS-C crop body.

Oh, and after taking a 6 month break, I'm back shooting. Yes, I did sell my A7II during that period, while it performed decently, I never quite gelled with it.

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