Monday 11 February 2019


Ice and Concrete 
Fujifilm X-T1, XC 16-50 OIS II

Took a quick photowalk around the block before my day started on Sunday, to try the X-T1 in some actual conditions. Came back with a handful of winter detail shots, of this was one of the first.

Ran them through CaptureOne 12 to quickly discover that the core struggles I'd had with the X-E1's files have clearly been solved by CaptureOne at least. There's a couple niggles in the workflow, but nothing that couldn't be solved with the combination of some ICC profiles and different default sharpening. Really, I'm pretty happy with this, although I do want to see results with actual foliage even if that has to wait a few months.

As to the blog, the last post was my 100th post here, over the slightly more than 5 years I've had this blog (Dec 5th, 2018 was the 5 year anniversary). That's really not a lot of posting, and frankly activity has been intermittent given my struggles with motivation around photography. Here's hoping that I can get a handle on regularly posting new content here in 2019, and who knows, we may even see post 200 this year.

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