Monday 9 September 2019

Grey County Sunset

Grey Sunset 
E-M1, m.Zuiko 12-50

Well, I think I can pretty much call all of my goals for 2019 as achieved.

I checked off new location number 7 for the year yesterday, I have 300 curated shots in the to be developed pool and over 180 posted for the year, I'm seeing a steady 1000 views a day on Flickr and I've passed my shooting goal for 2019 by over 300 images and it's still mid-September.

In terms of gear, the E-M1 has now exceeded the X-T1 for shots counted, becoming the #4 most used mirrorless body, with the E-M5II trailing slightly behind it, although again, just a tad more use than the X-T1. If I count the shots from the original E-M1, I'm somewhere over 3000 images total on the body.

Current goals:

1. Add two more new locations to the list for 2019, bringing me to 9 total and 50% more than the original goal
2. Exceed 10233 shots for the year, to officially return to my former active shooting ways. That was my 2012 total, right before things dropped off.
3. Keep my current bodies long enough for them to achieve a significant frame count (with significant being defined as more than the ~5600 images taken with my original E-M5). Given that the E-M5II is a current body and the E-M1 for the most part covers my needs, I think this is achievable. I can see upgrading one of these bodies next year, but frankly they meet my needs pretty well overall.

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