Tuesday, 3 September 2019

One Goal Down

Smoke Lake Tree 
E-M5 II, m.Zuiko 9-18

This weekend I knocked off locations 4, 5 &6 of my goal to shoot at 6 entirely new locations this year.

They are:

1. Sutton, ON
2. Fenelon Falls, ON
3. Bond Head at Newcastle, ON
4. Orillia, ON
5. Huntsville, ON
6. Algonquin Park on the Highway 60 corridor.

That's one of my 3 major goals for the year, and with 270 shots in my selects folder, the goal of producing 365 quality images can be called complete as well. That leaves maintaining 1000 views a day average on Flickr, which I am reliably achieving. And with 6900 images total for the year, I expect my unofficial goal of 7220 images will wrap up in the next couple weeks.

In gear terms, both of my bodies are now right around 2000 frames each, and solidly in Stage 3/Comfort of the 3 Stages of Camera Ownership

I've found that when working with both, I pretty naturally seem to leave the 9-18 on the E-M5 II and swap out lenses on the E-M1 as needed. That matches up to the E-M1's better handling with longer/heavier lenses while the tiny E-M5 II/9-18 combo works outstandingly.

Now what remains is to keep a steady cadence of shooting through until mid-fall. I inevitably take a break between the end of fall colour and the arrival of the winter's snow, simply because it's a photographic dead zone for me (the gap between spring melt and the first flowers is as well)

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