Friday, 28 February 2020

A Few Additions to my Bag

In The Snow 
Fuji X-T1, XC 16-50 OIS II

I got the chance to add a few interesting items to my bag today.

First off is a solid UWA addition for the D750, the Laowa 15mm f4 Macro. Yes, it's a real 1:1 macro in addition to being an UWA, with MFD less than 5mm from the front element. This is also a shift lens, although the image circle is small enough that the shift feature really is only useful on APS-C bodies. That said, I currently have a couple APS-C bodies right now, so the shift feature useful to me (the Laowa is a 22-23mm equivalent on APS-C, a very usable wide).

This wasn't the UWA I'd planned to get (I'd largely settled on getting an 18-35G), but I think it will work out very well in my kit long term. It's also compatible and a useful focal length on everything I own, even the E-PM1 (where it's a 30mm-e shift lens, not that I'm ever likely to use that somewhat ridiculous combo).

I also tripped over a ridiculous deal on a Fuji X-T1, and as I've been looking for a light carry setup, I grabbed it and the new XC 35/2, for basically what I paid for my X-T1 body only last year (which I'd thought was already a deal on a great camera). So now I'll run the Fuji for light carry and the D750 for basically everything else, and I've got the adapters to run my Nikon lenses on Fuji (and the Laowa 15 in particular is a great match for the X-T1)

Finally, I grabbed a $20 MB-D10 for my D300, which seems to have some issue with the battery itself, but all controls are working. That's probably corrosion somewhere in the battery compartment or on the tray, so a dose of contact cleaner should solve it.

The A7II, 28-70 and EF 75-300+Adapter have gone to my SO for now, if she digs them, she'll keep them, if not, it'll go back in the bag for now and work alongside the D750.

That leaves my working kit as the D750 and X-T1, with the D300 available if needed and the E-PM1 as a toy (I still want a tiny prime for it, for fun)

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