Thursday, 4 March 2021

One Week with the Z5

Nikon Z 5, Z 24-50mm f4-6.3

One week in with the Z5 and I've taken about 450 frames with it. In context, that's a little less than half what I did with the E-M1.2 in the same period, but without any serious excursions while I had two excursions with the E-M1.2. The weather also hasn't been as conducive to shooting, with several chilly or grey days.

Overall, it's definitely still in new toy mode, or at least feels like it. 

I've sorted out the issue with the Z 24-50, turns out it simply doesn't like the cold and works fine inside or outside as long as it's above zero. That means it will work for me for the summer, but I will need a different walk around zoom for next winter. Maybe just a cheap 24-85VR or the Z 24-70/4.

I'm really digging the handling of the Z5, it's a little on the heavy side compared to the other mirrorless bodies I've owned, but lighter than most of the DSLR's (the D3200's and D40 were still lighter).The viewfinder is great and the functionality matches my needs very well except for the one weirdness about writing Non-CPU Lens data to EXIF only when the FTZ is mounted (hmm, maybe somebody could work up a chip mod that emulates an FTZ when stuck on a mechanical M or other adapter).

Image quality is absolutely top notch. Nikon files have generally been my favourites, with excellent colour  like the Olympus's combined with easy to work with files. The Z5 is no exception here.

The IBIS seems to work very well, almost as effective as the E-M1.2, although I've not tested too much at really low shutter speeds.

I don't miss the top display, I've had so few bodies with that feature over the last 10 years that I just tend to ignore it. I'd much rather use the settings display on the LCD which is easier to read and can display more data. 

Overall, it just makes me want to go out and shoot it, even more so than the E-M1.2 did, and that camera already was a motivator. 


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