Saturday, 27 March 2021

Some Film Fun

Voigtlander Bessa R, Nikkor-S.C 5cm f1.4 LTM, Tri-X

I've been starting to get the bug again to shoot some film. I quite enjoyed my brief interlude of film shooting last fall and have increasingly got the itch to get back to it. Two days this week have had my daily walk include the FE, and I've shot a roll on each walk. Ektar got shot on Wednesday and today was HP5+. Looking forward to seeing what I've got from them. 

Today I also broke out the chemistry and did some development work, souping 3 rolls of HP5+ in Rodinal 1:50 this morning and I have 3 more prepped to go in as soon as the dishes are dry as I do my development in the kitchen. I'm currently scanning the second of those 3 rolls from this morning's development. That gets me a lot closer to being caught up on development, I have 2 remaining rolls of 35mm and 1 of 120 in terms of B&W backlog. I do also have to get the remainder of my colour & slide backlog out to the lab. I'll be doing that 2 rolls at a time over the next few months. 

With the current situation limiting me to shooting primarily in the city, I do see myself shooting more film and less digital over the coming months. Ontario is seeing another wave of COVID and as my landscape and nature work is focused on the Canadian Shield and Ontario Highlands while I'm based in the GTA, heading out to shoot landscape is really out until things settle down. B&W in the city is a different story though, and I think a lot of my dissatisfaction with shooting in the city is simply that my cityscape & street work has been so tied to B&W film for so long that I'm just not comfortable working any other way. As I continue to shoot through my remaining stocks of HP5+ from a set of bulk 100' rolls I bought a decade ago, I'll see what happens. 

 That does have some implications for gear, mostly that I really need to finally order a DP-11 for my F2 so I can start using it seriously, but also that I should prioritize classic F mount primes over native Z manual focus stuff or other mounts (M, M42 and C/Y). In terms of F mount lenses there's really 3 I'm wanting short term, namely a 20/3.5 AI-S, an 85/1.8 K and a 200/4 Micro. I'd also like to get another 135/2.8 AI-S and a 35/2.8.

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