Sunday 10 July 2016

A Few More Thoughts On Film

Group and Solo 
Nikon F3HP, Fujifilm Neopan 100SS

I've now managed to nail down an acceptable set of scanner settings for producing web output from 35mm scans and my flatbed. The trick was reducing the resolution, I'm scanning at 2400dpi (instead of the 4800dpi setting I use for 120/220) and getting decent results. Combined with an import preset which gives a better starting point for editing, I've now got something which allows for a low-stress workflow from film to Flickr.

That said, I've still got a few things to sort out on the film side. Consumables are an issue, while I have a solid source on most of them, Blazinal/Rodinal is something I don't trust my local supplier to keep in stock (it's the only item I buy from a source other than my usual store, as they don't carry it and the major chain that does is not really interested in supporting film shooters). Also I'm approaching the need to replace some of my reels and reloadable canisters. Not to terribly expensive, just wear items. I also need a solid process thermometer and some deep-dish trays for doing water baths. once I have those I am going to look at doing E-6 in the home (for about $5/roll vs $15)

All said, as long as I'm willing to deal with the workflow after developing, film could have a long future in my bag. I'm up to 9 rolls in the last couple weeks, compared to 8 rolls in 2015, 16 rolls in 2014 and 10 rolls in 2013. If I keep shooting at a decent rate I'll certainly hit my 52 roll target for making serious investments in film kit.

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