Monday 11 July 2016

Just a Walk

Wide Open 
Nikon F3HP, Fujifilm Neopan 100SS

I've been pushing myself to take a solid walk after work at least 2-3 times a week. This has been a major contributor to my renewed shooting. If I'm out and I have a camera, I will shoot. A lot of my mojo loss was a simple lack of interest in getting out the door with a camera. Today was a solid example, I did a 1h45m walk south and west of my work, pretty much going out and back along an oval-ish route. I shot a roll & a half while doing so, bringing me to 11 rolls for the year and I've now exceeded both my 2015 and 2013 rollcounts, and polished off my stock of C-41 film (I still have one roll of Velvia floating around and then I'm completely out of colour film)

I've mostly been shooting cityscape while doing these walks. It takes a fair bit of time before I really get comfortable shooting street in an area and where I'm shooting is a pretty new neighbourhood for me outside of one corner of the area. As I get more comfortable, I'll switch slowly to more street and less cityscape in the area. I've mapped out several routes that I can rotate between to keep the area fresh, unlike my old work neighbourhood, the current one doesn't lend itself to continuously shooting in a small area.

In a related note, I need to decide on what film I'm going to keep around. For fast B&W it's HP5+ for the time being and likely a return to Tri-X once I'm done the HP5+ (I still have 1.5 100' rolls of HP5+). I think I'm going to look around for some ISO 50-100 options, PanF+ and Acros are rather pricey these days so some smaller maker's alternatives will get looked at. On the colour side, it's easy. I need to buy a brick of Ektar 100. Love the stuff and can't wait to shoot some more of it.

Suggestions on slow B&W emulsions at good prices are most welcome.


  1. Where do you process your colour film? I was given a few rolls of Extra 100, but have not shoot any yet.

    1. I still use Downtown Camera for my processing. They do scans as well if needed.