Wednesday 13 July 2016

A Look Back

Mamiya 645 Super, Sekor 80/2.8 C, Kodak Porta 160VC

Of all my work shot in the last 12 years since I started shooting seriously, my favourite as a body of work is my Medium format work, especially the work I shot on my Mamiya 645 Super.

I shot the Mamiya 645 system for 5 years, totaling 174 rolls of film, of which 146 of that was with the Super. I normally worked with a 3 lens system, originally the 45/2.8 C, 80/2.8 C and 150/3.5 C, later changed to the 55/2.8 N, 80/1.9 C and 150/3.5 C. And I've produced more work with that single camera than most systems I've shot in smaller formats.

There's an aspect of the film look that's unique to the larger formats that I just love. The DoF falloff and fine tonality produced by bigger negs really works for me.

Frankly, I think I may need to consider medium format as a long-term option. I've not shot any since 2012 and I think it's high time that I remedy that. Luckily I still have my Super Ricohflex TLR and Sekonic meter, so I should be able to shoot a little on the side.

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