Tuesday, 12 July 2016

But what About Digital?

Panasonic G3, Sigma 60mm f2.8 DN Art

Shooting more film brings up the question of how to handle my Digital kit. I greatly prefer to have a single, flexible kit so I can use the same set of lenses across all my bodies in regular use. If I'm going to be shooting alot of film again, this means acquiring a Sony A7 or A7II to use with the same set of manual focus lenses as I use on my film bodies (Minolta MC/MD on the X-700 for now).

If I was still shooting almost entirely digital, this wouldn't be an issue. My Micro 4/3rds gear is working very well for me and in particular I really get along with the GX7. I've got a nice little lens setup that covers most of my needs and plans to cover the rest. I like the output, like the handling and my only complaint is that my backup body (Panasonic G3) doesn't deliver IQ that's quite up to my standards, and that's readily solvable by replacing it with a newer 16MP body (like the G5, G6 or E-M10).

Frankly, in the short term I'm simply going to keep shooting with what I've got. It's working well for me and I'm enjoying it. I'll simply deal with the need to carry a little more in the way of lenses if I want to shoot both digital and film on a single outing. I'll start considering film+digital options when I hit 50% of my film shooting goal for the year (26 rolls), and probably not buy anything until the goal is met (52 rolls). Until that point, the m43 stuff will continue to be my digital kit and I will be adding a few items to the kit (14/15mm prime, telezoom, some UWA option)

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