Tuesday 18 July 2017

60 on Film

Nikon F80, 35/1.8 DX, HP5+

Shot this with the F80, a thoroughly competent, yet also thoroughly mediocre camera. I'm generally fond of mine, it's smallish, light and performs well, but does lack an AI tab and like all film cameras it's also incompatible with the new E lenses. I do wish I had more compatible lenses with it, particularly a wide of some sort.

I really do wish Nikon would bring out an F7, pretty much with the F6 body and D810 electronics (and update it to take the EN-EL18 battery from the D4(s) and D810 grip). I'd love to see what folks could do with the superb new E lenses (especially the 105/1.4) and Portra or low-speed B&W film.

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