Wednesday 19 July 2017

Last of the m43

Wetted Panasonic GX7, Sigma Art 60mm f2.8 DN

This is the last image in my backlog of Micro 4/3rds work, from what might have been my favourite combo in the system, the GX7 and the Sigma 60 Art. I always got great results from that pairing, even if the files ended up a bit crunchy. But the detail is superb, the colour good and the overall rendering is quite pleasing. The 60 is a gem that any m43 shooter should have in their bag (the other two f2.8 DN Art lenses, the 19 & 30, are better suited to APS-C than m43, although still excellent lenses, I've owned all 3 in m43 at one time or another).

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