Saturday, 9 January 2021

2021 is Finally Here

Fuji X-T2, AF Nikkor 70-300mm f4-5.6 D

It's been a while, the last quarter of 2020 was extremely busy for me in terms of work and my commitments as a member of the Board of Directors for MAAC. That meant that I did very little photography in the last 3 months of the year, less than the already low level I expected to do.

Now 2021 is here, and we're locked down. That means minimal photography for me this winter, as I expect we'll continue to be locked down through February and maybe even March. That said, I should get out some as I really need to get outside more. I've been cooped up too long and it's getting to me.

I'll post a summary for 2020 soon, but I met pretty much all of my goals, except I was unable to maintain my pace of posting on Instagram and Flickr in the last quarter of the year.

On the gear front, I have one major purchase I'm looking at, a Fuji 10-24/4 OIS. Aside from that, my gear focus is going to be on a Smallrig L-Bracket with grip as an upgrade for my X-T2 (my current bracket is OK, but I miss the extended grip I have on my X-T1) and I plan to continue investing in inexpensive manual focus lenses for X mount. The next on my list is the new TTArtisan 50mm f1.2, which was recently introduced for $99USD and seems to be pretty decent. I still want to expand my collection of 7Artisan lenses as well, but that will wait a little, the TTArtisan 50 is just so cheap I can't resist it.

Beyond that, once things start opening up I need to get out and hike. A lot. Actually doing photography is something I want to focus on more than gear this year. I'm largely happy with my current setup in terms of bodies and my lenses meet my needs aside from a lack of flexibility in my UWA setup. I do love the 7Artisans 12mm, but it's a lot less flexible than a zoom would be.


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