Sunday 21 July 2019

July Update

One Ant 
X-T1, Micro-Nikkor 55/3.5 AI

I've been on an unexpected 2 month break from shooting, which finally ended this weekend. Buried in work, RC flying season arrived and ate up my limited free time and a humid June/July were all factors.

The X-T1 broke 2000 shots this weekend, putting it well up on the A7II, and I'm still really enjoying it as an all-round camera. I acquired an MHG-XT Large handgrip or it which takes the handling from good to great (and is also an Arca-Swiss rail, for tripod mounting). I'd also come into an XF 18/2, but sold it on because it's just too close to the 23/2 and the 23/2's better AF and close focus wins. My everyday kit is for now the 23/2 and the Micro-Nikkor 55/3.5, which works pretty well all told. I do need a wide in the 12/14/16mm range to fill things out though.

I'm planning on making a more significant effort to get out and shooting through July & August. I need the shutter therapy and the walking.

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