Friday 26 July 2019

So What Changed?

Taking a Walk

E-M5, m.Zuiko 12-50 EZ

The last couple times I've taken a serious look at m43, I went elsewhere.

So why am I back now?

For the longest time the issue was simple, I liked m43 as a pure digital system, but I was shooting film and digital and wanted one single system. I never really achieved that, but I also effectively quit shooting film over the last 2 years. So that problem was off the table. That really clears me to concentrate on a single system.

The reason I didn't go m43 at the beginning of the year was also simple, my options at the time were an E-M10 of some variation, or the original E-M5. Both of those options have too many compromises as a primary camera for me today. I really didn't like the E-M10III finder in fluorescent light, it actually hurt my eyes in addition to being small & squinty. The older E-M5 has enough UI issues that I'm just not willing to revisit it as a primary body, although it might do as a second body (I'd still rather have an EM-1/E-M5II or dual E-M5II mix though)

This time around both E-M1 and E-M5II's were workable options and I have no need to support a film system alongside my digital, so going back to m43 works, especially given the lens lineup advantages vs Fuji (really the primes are a wash, but mid-range zooms are a real advantage for m43)

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