Saturday 27 July 2019

Progress Report - 2019 Goals

Curls of Doom 
X-T1, XC 16-50 OIS II

Where am I at in terms of Goals?

For Goal 1, 365 high quality images, I'm solidly on track to succeed at that, at about 200 images right now.

For Goal 2, Raise my average views to 1500, I'd actually succeeded at that until Flickr's Month of Hell. It looks like they have re-jiggered the view counter after all their troubles, so I'm resetting that goal to 1,000 views a day as Flickr has reduced the miscounting of their algorithm (it used to be you'd see 2 views on the daily total for every view recorded on an image, now it's not quite 1:1).

For Goal 3, I'm still 0 for 6 new locations. Looking to fix that over the back half of the year. I've some time off coming soon, so I hope to knock 1-2 of these off during that.

And for the volume goal, I'm now at 3,600 shots of a goal of 7220, leaving me to get another 3600 shots or so. I think that's quite achievable as long as I can stay shooting steadily. I'm more than on track to exceed last year's volume of 5491 images, which is a good fallback.

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