Tuesday 23 July 2019

USB Chargers - Where Are They

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There's one product I cannot figure out why camera makers aren't making.

Today all the devices I want to use in the field are now coming with USB-C. My laptop uses it for power/connectivity, my phone does, new tablets do (I'm still on older units), even the cameras themselves are now starting to show up with USB-C for connectivity and charging.

So why is the last thing in the bag without it the camera's battery charger?

Imagine if the camera came with a charger, USB-C cable and USB charge adapter, instead of charger, charger cable, USB cable, etc.

That way you could charge your batteries off a Power Bank while working with the camera unencumbered, and share 1-2 chargers between all your devices in the field. Additionally if properly implemented you could power your camera off that same USB-C cable and charge adapter/Power Bank.

Much better eh?

There's some cheap 3rd party USB chargers for most battery types, but they're slow and using old USB 2.0 with its low wattage output. Still better than nothing, but the camera makers have a chance to make a real difference in an area that's mostly ignored.

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