Wednesday 24 July 2019

What Did I Do?

Red on Green 
 OM-D E-M5, SMC Pentax-M 50/4 Macro

I did a bad thing. I traded in my X-T1 for something else.

Why? Not because I disliked the X-T1, I'd been getting along with it as well as I had from the get-go, I'd even found an MHG-XT grip for it.

But I also took a long hard look at the lenses I wanted for the system and the associated costs. The Fujicrons are all well and good (and both reasonably priced and excellent), but I wanted a wide zoom and the 10-24/4 is not weather sealed and a lot of cash (although excellent), I also wanted a telezoom and there really are no really great options. The 50-230 is good, but pricey for what it is, ditto the even more expensive 55-200. The high-end stuff is excellent, but out of my price range.

And Olympus sells the 40-150R for $150 new (half of what a 50-230 goes for used, for a slightly better lens) and Panasonic's 25/1.7 is a mere $200. And then there's Sigma's DN Art lenses, the f2.8 trio are $269 new each and superb, and there's a f1.4 trio as well for merely twice the price.

The question then becomes what body? I know I'd need an E-M1 or a G85 to really match the X-T1, but as a go-everywhere body an E-M5, E-M5 II, GX85 or GX7 would work very well. And I found a deal on a E-M5 II. So I traded in the Fuji stuff and came out with a E-M5 II, Sigma 19/2.8, Panasonic 25/1.7 and Olympus 40-150 f4-5.6 R

That setup covers most of my needs right out the door, and I'd really only need to add a wide (Panny 7-14/4 or Oly 9-18) which can be had for reasonable money, and a normal zoom (tons of options from reasonable to unreasonable pricing). At some point in the future a macro and/or short fast telephoto can be added.

As much as I liked the Fuji, the reality is that I wasn't going to build the system I wanted in the time I wanted. A return to m43 on the other hand allows for that.

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