Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Pondering Nikon

Flyers and Construction 
D800, Zeiss ZF.2 1,4/85 Planar T*

I do have to say, when that combo was on, man I do love the results. The pity was it was a crapshoot as to whether or not focus shift cost me the image.

Nikon just announced what's likely it's last non-pro FX DSLR, the D780. It's a nice body, essentially a cross between the Z6 internals, D750 body and D7500 AF system. Loses vertical grip compatibility & a popup flash, neither of which is an issue for me, although the grip in particular is a loss for a lot of shooters (Nikon: your poor grip sales are due to wildly excessive pricing driving 3rd party sales, not a lack of interest. Price sanely and you'll move a ton of them but nobody wants to spend $400 on a plastic piece with a battery tray and a handful of buttons & wheels, especially when Velbon et al will sell a good copy for $80)

But that has me pondering Nikon again. Prices on used FX bodies have crashed, I'm seeing used D810's below $1500CDN (as low as $1250), D800's are solidly under $1k and D750's which were $1250+ used before thanksgiving are $500 cheaper now.

Thinking about it, I would not want to give up my A7II, which is working pretty well for me. But I could readily use it as the light body in a light/heavy mix, especially with a D800 or D810. It's not like most of my lenses aren't F mount anyways. The Z6 is tempting but as much as I'd like one, I'm not really sure whether or not it's worth it to me. The better ergonomics and EVF/LCD are the big things, but that's offset by the new (and expensive) XQD cards.

Pretty sure I should just invest in more glass instead...

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