Sunday 5 January 2020

2020 Goals

The Path to Colour 
Olympus E-M1, m.Zuiko 12-50 f3.5-6.3 EZ

I set goals for myself somewhat successfully in 2018 and 2019.

For 2020 I'm going to do so again. I'm setting 3 achievements and one volume goal.


1. Make 12 (or more) photography-specific day trips in 2020, ideally I'd like at least one of those to be in BC. I did 8 of these from July-December 2019, so I think this is a very achievable goal.
2. Increase my average daily Flickr views to 2000+. I'm hovering around 1600-1700 right now so this is very achievable as well
3. Post 52 times on Instagram (once a week on average) and 312 times on Flickr (6 times a week)

And the volume goal will for once be actually lower than what was shot last year. My goal in 2019 was 7220 images but I shot 11527 images. For 2020 my goal will be a clean 10,000 images.

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